Long-Range Planning

McDoux provides experienced facilitation to help lead organizations through the development of a long-range vision/goals and a year-by-year interim milestones required to achieve those goals. Importantly, all of our planning projects include an implementation plan, with step-by-step tasks, cost estimates, and resource requirements.

We do not parachute in for weekend retreats that leave you with a binder that will just sit on a shelf. We embed with your organization for a full year in order to develop a comprehensive RoadMAP to help you get from where you are now to your desired destination. And, best of all, the cost for a year of work with us is probably about what you would pay a consultant for that weekend workshop + binder. Plus, once you’re a McDoux client, we remain available to consult with you informally whenever you have questions or need a bit of support — at no additional charge.

Here’s an example: Following the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas’ 30th anniversary in 2013, McDoux helped the Board and Staff develop a long-range plan for the organization’s next 10 years. This ambitious plan included tools to support enhanced Board participation, as well as detailed staffing and financial plans to support the expansion of the Alliance’s services and geographic presence.