Not everyone wants or needs in-person consulting assistance. In fact, we know that many people would like to do this sort of work themselves, and we’re happy to help you develop the knowledge and skills that you need to accomplish your goals.

After earning a master’s degree in technical and scientific communication, with an emphasis on instructional design, Steph McDougal spent 10 years in the field of training, education, and performance improvement. During that time, she developed learning products for Global 500 corporations, small businesses, K-12 schools, community college academic programs, and PBS. Today, Steph is developing learning opportunities and educational programs that focus on:

  • Generating awareness of and appreciation for historic preservation
  • Teaching members of the public to research and document historic properties
  • Providing accredited continuing education for allied professions, such as Realtors, architects, and planners
  • Helping new and aspiring preservation consultants to build their businesses

We’ll provide more information as we bring these programs online. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.