Here at McDoux, we’ve done a lot of different kinds of historic preservation projects over the years. So many!

Today, we’ve generally narrowed our focus to the following professional services, for which we offer standard pricing. However, we’re always open to discussing fun projects with nice people, so if you are interested in working with us on something else, let us know.

National Register of Historic Places
Option 1: Part 1/A tax credit application
Option 2: Individual property nomination
Option 3: Historic district nomination, based on existing up-to-date survey
Option 4: Multiple Property Submission (excluding first nomination)

Research and Data Analysis
Option 1: Best practice research and program/policy recommendations
Option 2: Community opinion survey (client supplies questions)
Option 3: 20 stakeholder interviews, includes questionnaire design and analysis
Option 4: 20 stakeholder interviews + community opinion survey

Prices shown above are current as of 1/1/2022 and are subject to change based on Client requests for customization. Some travel is included.